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Before Asking About Brazil, Read This! =D… Here you can see a lot of Brazil... Ignore the first music... It is not portuguese talked neither a brazilian music... ¬¬ The second music is a traditional bossa nova... Brazilians loves it specially the southeast ones. I live in the Northeast. Is a beach region... A lot of sand and sea... It isn't so bad as they show in this video... It has a lot of poor people... The most of the rich people lives in the centerwest, southeast and south. In the northeast lives the most ugly people (my opinion), and they have too closed mind... A lot of racist and materialist people. We use to listen Axé and Forró here (I hate the both of them). I'm part of the minority of Northeast people, who doesn't like our culture. I like Southeast culture... The sertanejo music (wich is similar to country), international music, MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira - Popular Brasilian Music) and some others... Each region has it culture and behaviors... You can find a lot of foreigners and their descendents. I'm dutch, french, portuguese and jewish descesdent. The biggest religion here is the catolicism and evangelism. I'm agnostic. Most of brazilians have a light brown skin or white skin. We are not all black people... Here has a lot of black people, but not as much as USA or Africa... Or Cuba. XD~
Our native people were the Tupi Guarani. My Brazil chan is based on them. But we have a mixing of a lot of countries here (like Japan, Portugal, Poland, Germany, Holland, England, Spain, France, Italy and America).
Our politics are crap... They don't care for the people and are always steeling taxes money... It is a shame. =\
We have a lot of poor people, but we do have some VERY rich people as well and the ones between the richs and the poors. I'm in this position.... I'm not rich neither poor.
Brazilians are naturally gentle, but they can be really rude and impulsive. The best thing is to don't stare at their "vital parts" and be gentle. Don't be silly, some brazilians like cheating the other (even if the others are brazilians as well). Brazilians are not a bad people... Far of it... We are great to live with... But be patient with some bad behaviors... Brazilians sometimes don't respect silence neither personal space. They like hugging and kissing the cheeks. We normally introduce ourselves followed by two kisses at the cheeks (one in each of them). Everytime you meet a Brazilian or go away from them you kiss cheeks. You don't need to KISS the cheeks... Just touch their cheeks with your cheeks... That's what I do... ^^''
We love samba, but some brazilians think it is old people thing... I LOVE SAMBA! *_* It is amazing and it is hard to dance.
Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city. It is a bit dangerous, be careful when you go there, but it worths... I mean... It is amazing there... People are really one of the most beautiful brazilians type, the city is amazing and you'll have a lot of good time!

The climate depends of the region... I recommend you to check at a website before comming. But normally it is hot from September until April... After it, get cold... But (SURPRISE!!!!) only in the South side of the country... 'Cause, where I live, is hot all the time... The cold season is just less hot. We don't have the seasons clearly seen... They aren't very visible, neither the transition...
Our food is very good and have a big variety... Each region has its food... I would recommend you to try them all... *_*
We are the creators of Samba, Airplanes, Havaianas Flip Flops and the Brazilian Bikinis (duh?). XD~ Capoeira came from Angola but it is now more a brazilian thing... Carnival was created by Greece, but we have the biggest and the best of the world (Rio's carnival).
This is where I live now: São Luis --->… <---- This music is playing is a MPB (Brazilian Popular Music)... Its lyric talks about the Island of São Luis (Where I live Now).
This is my old home: Natal --->… <--- This music is Forró... This is one of the goods forrós... I don't like this music... ^^'
This is one of the most famous cities of Brazil, Salvador... One of carnival's most important cities as well -->… <-- This is Axé Music
This is the famous Rio de Janeiro... -->… <-- This is the samba music... *_*
This is Amazon Forest... Our beloved treasure -->…
These are the Tupi Guarani (Native Brazilians Before Portugal)-->…
This is another good video about Brazil -->… <-- This music is a Bossa Nova played in Samba rithym
This is a very good samba, my favorite -->… <-- This woman who is singing is from my city! And I'm surprised how pretty she is... (She's not baiana... ^^')
Sertanejo music -->… <-- It is the most similar to country I know... LOL... But the most of them are really good.
This is MPB -->… <-- He is Nando Reis... A very good singer... I love his musics.
Brazilian Rock -->… <-- This band is Jota Quest! One of the bests! I love them! *_*

Well... I know I talked the most about music... But I love our music... I hope you liked what I showed of Brazil and that one thay you come to visit my beautiful country. ^^


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13 May 1991.

"Even the deepest fall has it end."
I'm a brazilian person who loves Hetalia, Durarara, Xiaolin Showdown, Avatar (legends of Aang and Korra), Naruto, Bleach and a lot of other animes and mangas...
I don't know how to dance samba, neither to play soccer, Pelé isn't my buddy... And I don't have a monkey as a pet! >_<'

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